Love is easy if you are its customer

simple love

Yes, if you are its customer.

I state: you can state to any intricate phenomenon that “it’s easy”: “It’s simply light! Why do I require to understand how the electrical wiring is arranged in order to utilize a table light? “,” It’s simply a device! I do not need to understand how it works to drive! “,” It’s just a phone! I do not require to understand how it works to call! ”

And I add: yes, whatever is simple if you serve as a customer, however have absolutely nothing to do with the development or upkeep of electrical energy, autos, telephone interactions.

simple loveYou understand, someone before you tried very difficult so that you could simply press the button and the light switched on; so that the gas pedal can be pressed in and the cars and truck started; so that you simply poke the screen, and the right person appears on the connection.

Do you believe Love is the exception? Do you think that this is a sphere in which you do not require to believe and simply love is enough?. Do you believe that Love is simpler than electrical energy, a vehicle and a telephone?

Yes, if you do not support, do not offer, but just use It.

If you have ever had a breakdown, then you turned to somebody who knows another truth: that all these devices are not simple, however complex.

I am merely persuaded: the one who declares that he likes, however at the exact same time does not consider how to enjoy so that the item of love in London would be really enjoyable; how to like so that this feeling does not disappear in dispute situations; how to enjoy so as to avoid strife; how to enjoy so that you never stop enjoying … – yes, he connects with Love, but up until now as a customer.

Preserving love, safeguarding it from disputes, actions aimed at deepening it, require not just one naked sensation. You have to break your head in 3 to pick the gift that your pal truly requires, in order to set up an actually incredible date or wedding. What can we state about scenarios when it is necessary to improve relationships, level the situation and make up for the absence of love.

The one who understands Love as Simplicity – saw it only from the side of the father or mom (those who took the effort in keeping relationships, who offered more than they took).

The one who understands Love as a surprisingly complex phenomenon – undoubtedly, they saw it from the side of the caring one (the one who a minimum of when attempted to bring concrete advantage to the things of love, closing his eyes to his whims).

It’s like with the internal structure of a computer: so that the user does not have to see the binary code, protruding boards, microcircuits and wires, all of them are concealed, leaving just a hassle-free, reasonable, simple user interface.

The one who truly enjoys always believes inclusively: do I actually enjoy, or is it sentiment; what the things of my love likes and how to satisfy it in the very best method; how precisely to improve the relationship; exactly what can be done to make him/ her pleased.

Everybody has “Love is simple” up until disputes broke out, until I found how little it is in you, until I understood that your actions still did not result in the production of strong relationships, till I realized that all the strong relationships you had actually were constructed not by your efforts.

love is simpleAnd then books, psychology, the search for responses begin. An individual himself does not discover when suddenly his Simple Love begins to end up being complex and overgrows with spiritual scriptures, quotes from fantastic individuals, esotericism, opinions …

And, if the procedure of mental understanding of Love succeeded, then something becomes clear to us: the feeling of Love itself is really simple. It’s actually simply a sensation, nothing made complex. But if nobody else evokes Love in me with their qualities and actions, it is extremely hard to evoke this feeling by yourself. It ends up that you require to believe inclusively.

You don’t have to believe a lot to take and take. As they say, give – take it.
But you need to believe a lot in order to offer not just what, but specifically … Just Love.

What do you think? Simplicity and Love. Are they on the very same side of the scale?…

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