Ways feet fetish is indulged.

A person with feet fetish has an erotic attraction to the feet another person or persons. The attraction can be very broad that is they are attracted to all feet, or narrow such that they are attracted to the feet of a particular horny girlperson. Feet fetishism is among the popular sexual fetish.

Practically feet fetish can be indulged in the following three ways;

Stimulating the penis with the feet or foot.

Men with this fetishism find it very thrilling as the feet touch the penis. This enjoyment may come with one foot rubbing up and down the shaft of the penis, or having double stimulation from both feet. Some will love bare foot while others prefer when on stockings or socks. Again, some men will want to either stand, lie back or sit as the foot move on their penis. In other cases, some will want the feet to remain stationary as they rub their penis on them.

Masturbating while admiring the feet.

Some men express this fetishism by masturbating when looking at the feet or when touching them. Some get satisfaction by stroking themselves while just looking at the feet while another lot wants to stroke the feet with their hand, suck the toes, or even rub them on their chest or face.

Some men will love both methods. They may start by stroking themselves, then touching their penis then later touching the feet. This too depends on one’s preference. How To Satisfy Your Foot Fetish In London?

The experience is aimed to bring an orgasm to men who love it. However it is very important to ensure that your partner is comfortable with semen falling on their feet. Hygiene is important for both men and women who indulge in foot fetish. Fungus causing foot disease may spread to the penis. Also sicknesses in the penis maybe spread to the feet.


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